Top chef Sirly Ylläsjärvi invites you to her home, stay in a floating igloo and enjoy a 5-course fine dining menu

Tv Chef from Lapland, Sirly Ylläsjärvi has developed a concept under her own personal brand for couples or small groups who want a slightly different kind of luxury in their lives. 

She has also a small boutique hotel Aurora Estate with her friend Heidi Seikkula. Lady’s first cooking book just came out and it has been big success. 

Sirly’s home. Photo Marko Vasara.

Ylläsjärvi lives in Ylläsjärvi, on the shores of Lake Ylläsjärvi, in a log house with floating igloo accommodation in the yard. So you can book a night at the igloo, plus a private safari and a fine dining dinner. Aurora Estate’s other entrepreneur has done a lot of private chef work in previous years for clients who usually travel on their own planes. Now these customers are coming to Sirly’s home.

Ilglu is on top of the ice of Lake Ylläsjärvi and can be moved by snowmobile even in the middle of the lake. Sirly’s husband organizes private safaris in the surrounding area. Aleksi Ylläsjärvi is of course from Ylläsjärvi, he knows the nearby forests and fells. Better than locally guided excursions, the break is held in the family’s old hut, built in 1922.

Sirly and Aleksi Ylläsjärvi, old family hut build in 1922. Photo: Tommi Hynynen

In the evening, a 5-course fine dining dinner with the best ingredients from Lapland awaits you. The portions are designed according to trends, but taste is always paramount. The same portions are on the Aurora Estate list, of course, but this dinner is private

Reindeer tartar, frozen egg yolk, truffle mayonnaise and lappish potato chips. Photo Tommi Hynynen.

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